California Consumer Privacy Act Information

The California Consumer Privacy Act gives consumers the ability to request access to specific details about information that has been collected about them by businesses. To that end, Specialty Contact Databases has put togther this page, to give consumers general information about what we have collected about them, how this information is being used in very general terms, and the categories of businesses that this information has been shared with. The information below outlines this information.  If you, as a resident of the State of California, would like to see the information that has been collected about you by Specialty Contact Databases, please click on “See My Information” and submit a request.

The following section provides the information, pursuant to the terms of CCPA, about the categories of information collected, where the information comes from, the business use of this information, and who the information is shared with.


What Information Has Been Collected?

We collect specific, publically available, information about you in your professional role as a Mortgage agent, Insurance Agent, or Financial Advisor. These include things like your name, email, phone #, name of employer, and industry specific ID #s such as an NMLS number.


Where Did We Collect Your Information?

The information that is collected about you comes from a number of publicly available records including websites and government records.

What Do We Do With Your Information?

Your information is used to compile contact lists of industry professionals in 3 specific industries: 1) Mortgage Lenders, 2) Insurance,  3) Financial Advisors. We sell these lists to businesses looking to contact individuals in these industries and we perform marketing functions on behalf of some of these businesses.


Who Do We Share Your Information With?

We share the information that we have collected, in part or in whole, with businesses that purchase the lists. These tend to to be other businesses within the 3 industries we collect or businesses that provide services to these industries. We also share the data we have collected with social media companies that use these records to compile custom audiences for our customers or our use, and email marketing companies that send emails on these customer’s behalf or our behalf.

See My Information!

If you would like to see what we have collected about you, please submit a request here.

Request Your Information

To request the information that has been collected about you pursuant to the terms of the CCPA, please  fill out the form below. If there are multiple email addresses or phone numbers you wish to have included in this search, please provide them in the “Message” field.

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Request Removal

To request your information be removed from Specialty Contact Databases records and no longer shared with third parties, per the limits and requirements of the California Consumer Protection Act, please fill out the form below!


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